Thursday, May 8, 2008

Group Project Proposal

Washington Park "The Community and The Environment": A Documentary Film
For our group project this semester, we have decided to examine the history of Washington Park. It is just a stones throw from L.A.N.D., and could be used a great vehicle for change in our neighborhood. WE will create a film that addresses how the residents of Washington Park have related to the park, the role that the park plays and has played in the lives of residents. We will interview our neighbors who use the park now and some folks at LAND who are committed to change. In addition, we will try to trace some of Milwaukee’s history, and use UWM’s library to research Washington Park. We know that Washington Park housed our city’s zoo until 1960. We can research how the zoo expanded and grew, why it left, and what affect the void that was left behind had on Washington Park and the city of Milwaukee. Also, we will search for some answers and suggest ways that the park can be used create positive change in people’s lives.

Note: I have electronically misplaced the proposal that was turned in. This is basically a synopsis of what we wanted to achieve in our film.

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