Friday, February 1, 2008

This is OUR Turf

Lisbon Avenue Neighborhood Development addresses the concerns of one of Milwaukee's most complex urban landscapes. Working with LAND, we will involve ourselves in this neighborhood and commit our time to encouraging positive growth and change wihtin this area: North Ave. to Vliet Ave. and 27th - 47th Streets. The area has been revitalized since LAND's conception in 1988, though issues such as sanitation and safety continue to affect the lives of many of our neighbors.

LAND is committed to involving community members. The agency works hard to address the real needs of real Milwaukeeans. This is inspiring and has proven to make some real changes, restoring a sense of hope and opportunity that have not been afforded to so many folks for so long. It is with utmost pride and respect that I engage with my community, and I hope to be helpful. Helpful in bringing about a that we can believe in.

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